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Prayer works wherever you are around the globe! Send your Prayer Request to ALTARWARRIORS@GMAIL.COM

Hands Up

"I do not cease to pray for you, and desire that you might

be filled with the knowledge of HIS will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, that you might walk worthy of GOD and be pleasing and fruitful in every good work and increase in your knowledge of GOD."

- Colossians 1:9-10

Thank you for visiting the web page of IMI (Inspired Ministries International)  and lifting up the name of Jesus with us. We Preach the Gospel, We Pray with people, and We Praise GOD with everyone, near, far, and around the World, in-person and on-line. 

Watch and listen to our collection of Video sermons. You will build your FAITH simply by the Hearing of the WORD of GOD. I will show you how to read and understand the WORD. 


Our doors are always open

a word from our founder

Jennifer Powell

We believe Prayer still WORKS, HE still ANSWERS Prayer!!! We strengthen our relationship with the LORD through Prayer. At IMI, PRAISE is what we do, for as the Praises go up, the Blessings come down. Our calling is to go forth into all the world and Preach the gospel to every creature so that FAITH cometh through the HEARING of HIS WORD. Finally, we desire to engage in Prophecy for the edification, exhortation, and comfort of all GOD’s people. 

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Develop your personal relationship with GOD, even an intimate one. You’ll realize that knowing HIM is to Love HIM and others. You can’t help but Love HIM when you know HIM. Others can see the fruits of your relationship. Sometimes without you even saying a word, people see the Love shining through you. All this is to the Glory of GOD.

Then as a Child of GOD, HE will take us to a new place, where HE is preparing another Heaven for us to live FOREVER. All this Love for us because we said YES and we Love HIM!!!!


It starts with the WORD!!

HE will forgive you of sin and you’ll enjoy being treated as you treat others. HE even gives you a quiet voice to counsel you for the rest of your life. All you have to do is BELIEVE, Love HIM, and Love others as you do yourself! 

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